Muddling Through

I'm still here. Having some trouble adjusting to a new, temporarily-intensified schedule at work that began with the onset of the new year. I feel exhausted every minute of every day. I'm trying to squeeze in some art but I'm not making much progress on any one thing, just tiny bits and pieces on a dozen different projects. Throw in a sick cat, migraines, and the glimmer of tremor in my right hand and 2016 is not off to a great start. Ah well...there's not much to be done about any of it so onward it is.

I completed four pages in this journal I'm calling "Tribe" before it revealed what it needed to become. Each of those four pages, however, has a little message to lend to the overall narrative. The opening page encourages me to delight in the light (as I described at the end of this post) while this next page seems to foretell the unexpected discovery of many small wonders. I love how this character looks so surprised by all those little flowers at her feet, as if she was just wandering along and found herself in a field of happiness. I didn't do any of this analysis as I was making the page; I just followed any creative whims that smacked me upside the head along the way. Later, when my epiphany about "Tribe" surfaced, I looked back at these initial pages to see how my subconscious had led me forward, each one an encouraging nudge in the direction I needed to pursue. Hopefully, I'll make it through to the end of February when I get some semblance of a life back so I can really dig in to this new adventure.


Anonymous said…
Hope things ease up a bit for you as you make your way into the new year. Love this journal piece!
Loulou in Texas said…
Your little character does look surprised, and the position of her hands remind me of someone who might be open and waiting for whatever other surprises may be ahead in the story that follows. I hope you get some rest and start feeling stronger and better real soon. Take care.
Aimeslee Winans said…
Your journal page gave me a chuckle. Your little character's face reminded me of someone discovering new growth out on the lawn and celebrating it until they remember that means they have to mow. ;-) Or the year we planted bluebonnet seeds the previous fall and welcomed a new tiny patch of wild chaos amidst the manicured order, as in what now?

Say, thought you'd like to know that I am now pretty hooked on afternoon spiced chai (read about your affinity and got bit by it). Don't forget to indulge somehow someway! And did you see bybun's intro to vlogging? She is completely charming. And I love to watch her paint. xoxo