A Dollhouse for Samantha

This is a craft project that I worked on the first week of winter break. While out gift-hunting, I saw this unfinished wood dollhouse and seized by the fever that is the Christmas spirit, I instantly thought "I could paint that!" This was not intended to be painted, the plain wood furniture that came with it was sort of weird, and my son bought a different set of little dolls to be gifted with the final creation. However, I knew when I saw it that I could transform it into something fun for my sweet four year-old niece, Samantha.

Here's the front of the dollhouse...before:

And the unfinished inside:

Here's how it turned out! Taken as they were on my studio table with twinkling Christmas lights in the background, the colors in these pictures aren't great. (I had started wrapping when I remembered to take some quick "after" photos.) The outside paint job featured bright turquoise, with hot pink trim and a purple roof. As you can see, I sawed off that solid wood piece on the front porch and added a piece of picket fence. That made the front a bit more cute and welcoming as well as made my painting task easier. I also added a doorknob because...of course a door needs a knob!

I painted inside as well and added scrapbook paper to the floors. It was fun to try and decide the decorating schemes for each room. Everything, inside and out, is coated in a gloss varnish to (hopefully) make it last a bit longer.

I also painted the raw wood furniture that came with the house. A few of the pieces were strangely out-of-scale (the kitchen table looms over the couch) but I knew it wouldn't be a problem to a four year-old girl with a big imagination.

I am especially proud of how I managed to transform the oddball wood blocks that were supposed to be a stove and sink into pieces that actually look like a stove and sink! Check out those faux screw brads I used to simulate faucet handles! A little piece of bent wire and presto! Sink faucet!


Pia said…
Awesome. I wouldn't dare bet who had the most fun, you or the niece! ;-)
This has turned into such a lovely gift.So cute :)
Loulou in Texas said…
What a treasure you've created for little Samantha! I'm sure that playing with this doll house will remain in her memory for years and years to come. Great job!
Aimeslee Winans said…
I've still got my Barbies packed away. I felt a slight tug to go hunt for them when I saw this, lol. Well done! xoxo