Reader Appreciation Giveaways Day 2

EDIT: Entries are now closed!

It is very cool to hear from so many different people from so many different places! Your comments help stir up new ideas for blog posts and reassure me that I am on the right track with LCP. I often worry that I am too eclectic; I've always worked in many different arenas all at once and the wide-ranging variety of my blog content reflects that working style. I used to think that I would just post about one or two subjects and keep the rest private but ultimately, I decided to let the readers do their own moderating. You'll read what interests you and skip the rest.

Today's giveaway features a little canvas from my Sparks of Madness show this past summer. I did a series of bird paintings called "Strange Fowl" (a theme within a theme, if you will) and I had great fun inventing names for all my creations. This piece is rendered in acrylics on a standard depth 5x7-inch canvas. One lucky winner will be able to cross these "yellow-tufted screechers" off their lifetime list of imaginary birds. Same deal as yesterday: name, where you call home, and a working email address. Ideas for blog posts, questions, and general commentary are very much appreciated (and infinitely helpful) but not required. 


gretchen said…
hi, michelle! it's gretchen, from west virginia, and i have read - and loved! - your blog for at least three years now. i am always impressed by how much you are able to accomplish while dealing with debilitating health issues... i find that very inspiring. i think i am drawn to your work because of your fun use of color and your whimsical creations, but i also enjoy your more realistic drawings that document everyday items. it's ALL good! thank you for your generous giveaways this week!
Leone said…
Hi Michelle. It's Leone from Vancouver,Canada. I love your blog and enjoy the variety in your posts. I check to see if you have posted every day. YOu never cease to amaze with how much you do with all of your challenges. Thank you for your giveaway, I hope I win it so I can have this happy picture in my apartment to make me smile every day.
Loulou in Texas said…
Love this colorful canvas of the yellow-tufted screechers!
I was looking around your website again last night, and enjoyed reading some of your earlier blogs in the Watercolor Wednesdays section. I'm going to have to go back and read more of those. I'm from New Braunfels, TX, and one of my friends recently invited me to join a small group in her home to meet (probably monthly) to draw, paint, and sip wine. I took my watercolor pencils with me last month, but from reading your WW posts, I think I'll take some pan paints to try this week.
I, too, enjoy the variety in your posts. I think you've got just the right mix of eclecticism! (Just found that word in the online dictionary!) :) Best wishes, louise78130 at yahoo dot com
DianeH said…
Love the strange bird piece. I am Diane from Illinois again.
Love the squishy birds :) I love studio posts as well, little bits of space. My current studio is a table in my bedroom :) But i always wonder the creativity going on in all the studios of the world. Ozge from Izmir, Turkey :)
Angi in hana said…
Hi Diane, this is angi from hana, Maui. I have followed your blog for a while as I find your artwork and what u write to us inspiring and I feel I get to learn things which I appreciate as I find myself on this art journey, I also have health stuff so all my learning and inspiration comes from generous artists like yourself and it literally keeps me sane! Tx again, angi in hana
Anonymous said…
Hello! Jen from New Hampshire here. Sure do love your blog and following your creative adventures.

This painting reminds me of a time when my daughter was about 3. The birds were loud when we came outside and she got it in her head that they were shouting specifically at her. I tried to explain they were "singing", calling to each other, but she'd have none of it. She felt they were shouting at her and wanted to know why!
Leone said…
Leone Vancouver Canada I posted my e-mail address but it doesn't seem to have shownup:
Aimeslee Winans said…
Aimeslee from Texas aimeslee at gmail dot com . I subscribe via email. Tried the bloglovin type services and they all get filled up so much that I eventually ignore them. If your post shows up in my inbox, though, I will read it. I definitely want you to do any and all art you want to do and share on LCP. Quit trying to please others and please yourself. In doing that, you will please many others. Now I will go and try to do that myself, hahaha. winkwink xoxo
Carin Winkelman said…
Ooh, so adorable. The name you gave them made me laugh.
Caatje here again from The Netherlands. I don't really have requests, but I did enjoy the series of posts you did on your process (how to organize your time and ideas and such). I love to know what goes on behind the scenes of other artists.
If you can't directly reach me through google, you can mail me at c.m.j.winkelman[at]
Thanks for your generosity.
JShelby said…
gasp!! **crosses fingers** such of fan of your paintings!
Jennifer from New Brunswick, Canada, shelby.jennifer(at)
. said…
I love the painting! As far as blog ideas, I like seeing pictures or video of how a work progresses. I also understand that those types of posts can take a lot of time, so no pressure. Just keep being your fabulous self.

Maria from Iowa
0328992 at gmail Dot com