Tinkering with Time

There just isn't enough time in the day, week, month, lifetime to do all the things I want to do. It is a familiar problem (for probably all of us) but I am reassessing my days to see if I can squeeze in a bit more studio work. Last week, in Ashland, Oregon, I had some rare time to wander about by myself, shop, eat lunch, sightsee, think. Out of financial necessity, I am currently living/working a schedule that is negatively impacting my health. However, I believe that if I work smarter and pay more attention to my personal needs, I can improve my ability to handle stress (which has a huge impact on Parkinson's Disease.) I have to have more time to make art; it keeps me sane and it can help to slow the loss of fine motor abilities I face. The old saying - Use it or lose it - is true. Anyway, I'm taking some time to ponder big issues and tinker with my schedule so I have more moments to consider the little things, like what color sweater a monster needs to stand out in a crowd. (Buster here says that orange stripes are in this season...just a heads up...)       


I love your monster and yes the orange sweater is sweet. Is it made of clay or paper mache? Take care.