Tinkering in Journals

I'm continuing to work on art things here and there so I'm having trouble finding completed stuff to photo and show here. This is an odd time of year and not always my favorite: I'm very sensitive to environmental noise and general busyness and wintertime simply seethes with chaos. I'm trying to work on government paperwork, cleaning the house from top to bottom for an inspection, preparing for the next two months of teaching (plans, step-outs, samples, research, lectures) and thinking about the coming holidays. This is also a time when I do some serious contemplating about the new year looming. Overall, 2015 has been pretty good to me but I do want to aim for some major changes and goals in 2016. For now though, just trying to stay present and peaceful. Journaling helps with that and so I tinker in all sorts of books whenever a few spare moments arise.


Hey there Michelle. You were considering doing some kind of video when you first got your new Mac. Have you made any trials? Have a nice Friday and weekend...