A Wee Bit of Holiday Remains

For those in the States celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a safe and warm holiday. (Those are my hopes every day for everyone wherever you call home.) My son and I had a fabulous time with family: food, board games, laughter, relaxation, catching up, hugs (lots of hugs.) A couple more days of vacation (which will actually be spent lesson planning and prepping) and I'll be recharged enough to tackle the three weeks of teaching before a two-week winter break. This is the most positive I've felt about the holiday season in a while so the "Buy! Buy! Buy!" onslaught of commercials will remain on "MUTE" (everything seems louder and more "flashy-flashy" this time of year) and I'll keep busy in the studio with silly little crafts to while away my free time. There'll be some journaling going on as well...just quietly puttering in paint here and there to blunt the frenzy that the season has become.


Emie58 said…
It always seems that a break comes just at the right time when we need it for recharging. I also can't stand the rushing the holidays seem to bring to a lot of people.... I think media encourages it a bit. I believe the holidays is a nice time to slow down a bit and savor the special time. Glad to know you enjoyed time with your family!
Jenny Petricek said…
Lovely journal! Beautiful colors and textures! I like it! :-)