Drifting Through Inktober

Looking back over my art of the last couple of months, I realize that I have become almost obsessed with work that is intensely, rigorously detailed and soothingly repetitive. I've always been fond of work that leans heavily on fine motor skills. However, I think the ponderous but noticeable advance of Parkinson's is driving my attention more and more towards art that - ironically - requires a steady, reliable hand. Specifically, I'm really focused on drawing and painting right now (with a side of sculpture for good measure.) 

This journal I've named "Drifting" began as a response to a pair of classes by Lisa Congdon called Sketchbook Explorations (you can find those over at Creativebug) but at some point, my explorations veered from the provided path. I love it when this happens; a spark lights a wick and I just follow the burning rope blindly, letting the glow of inspiration pull me forward towards images unknown. The fact that it is Inktober just adds fuel to the fire.

I really love the idea of overall patterns, a collection of shapes or doodles that fit together on a page like a puzzle. As prompted by Lisa, I played with pages filled with scallops, circles, and triangles. I like the challenge of filling the page here and there, trying to bring everything together in the end. And then, as I was finishing this page of circles I called "Wheel Galaxies," I felt that something new was near and that with just a bit of thinking, I might be able to uncover a fresh route of exploration. 

Inspiration is often prompted by asking questions and these are the questions I pondered: "What if I used recognizable images instead of geometric shapes to fill the page?" "How would I make such a page interesting?" "Could I tell a story with an extremely limited set of shapes?" I didn't have all the answers before I began this page (titled "Camouflage") but I didn't blunder around in the dark for long. My story popped right up out of the lily pond as I was in mid-doodle. (Do you see him?) From here, I was off and running. Stick around. More is coming.

Note: All pages completed using a white Uni-ball Signo, black Faber-Castell Pitt pens and Tombow markers.


Anonymous said…
These are all absolutely fantastic and so inspiring!!
Michelle i love your sense of humour in your art. The frog is so cute. I felt that just when he was about to get lost he raised his head and made himself visible to the world. A world where everybody is becoming similar but being different is the hard way to go :)I love the colors, too. Can't wait for the continuation...Yaay :)