Bouncing from Project to Project

If you follow my blog even semi-regularly, you can probably tell that I'm all over the place in terms of what I work on from day to day. It isn't my preferred way to approach my art life (for more on that see this post) but given my current teaching workload and health challenges, I'll take what I can get: 15 minutes here, an hour there. I'm letting my whim lead me around by the nose; when I find the time and energy to make art, I just pick up whatever is at hand and get to work. So if you're looking for consistent updates on any one project in particular, you're out of luck. The wide variety of art that I post is a true reflection of how I can make art right now. When summer comes - and if I'm not in post-surgery mode yet again - I'll have time to get more focused. Anyhow, today I'm posting a page from my sketchbook...just a pretty flower I found on a walk and wanted to document.


Emie58 said…
Love the butterfly bush... it brings in hummingbirds to my area too!
My days are similar, in that I am constantly doing different projects throughout my day. It helps that I keep a to-do list. But even then, I might blow off one thing to finish up or start an art project. :) Julie
Denise C said…
Michelle, I look forward to whatever posts you are able to make. This sketch is beautiful--one of my favorite flowers. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.