The Journal Exultation Begins

I knew that once the new school year began, my art-making would suffer as my fatigue & pain levels rose and my free time dwindled. (I didn't realize that it would be quite as bad as it is but I'm still holding out hope I'll find my way through.) In anticipation of this, I began a new journal in early August that I hope will allow me to continue to do a bit here and there without too much pressure or commitment. And so begins "Exultation."

This journal was inspired by the first lesson in Pam Garrison's Creative Sketchbooking class which you can find on Creativebug. (Note: You pay a monthly fee of $4.95 to access all the classes Creativebug hosts but they do offer a two-week free trial so you could technically binge watch what you want in those two weeks and then cancel your subscription before it automatically renews.) Essentially, the lesson in a nutshell was scribble and paint. The first time I did this, I thought I was going to die of boredom and tedium. I also hated that my initial efforts looked like a clone of Pam Garrison's work. However, Pam enthusiastically encourages her students to make things their own and I recognized in this lesson the kernel of an idea that I thought I could develop into something I enjoyed more.  

It took some trial and error but I eventually found a way to make this process and the resulting pages look more reflective of my own personal style. I'm starting here with the journal's title page but keep in mind that this page was completed about midway through my experimentation process. On Friday, I'll back up and show you how I began, where I ran off the rails, and how I got back on track to something that will help me stay connected with art even as I have to focus on other things. 


Ashrub Haleeb said…
I just stumbled upon your blog and it is awesome. I teach art to elementary and middle school in a private school.... something I stumbled into not something I was trained to do... but now I love it. I wish I had your organization and drive though. I want to try everything. I start a million things and finish a few. Anyway, just wanted to say your work is beautiful!