LCP Now on Instagram!

Thanks to a piece of hand-me-down technology, I am now on Instagram! My handle (or whatever it's called) there is, of course, "lostcoastpost." My account is just getting starting with a couple of timid postings but I've wanted to use Instagram since forever. It will allow me to post many, many more pictures of my work and world without the necessary complexities of blogging. I'll now be able to carry a camera with me wherever I go. WhooHoo!

I plan to share lots of "in progress" pics so you can see what I'm working on in real time. Instagram will also allow me to share more of my everyday life here on the extreme Northern California coast (brace yourself for lots of cat pics!) Don't worry: the blog will continue as usual with regular posts at least two days a week but with my crazy work commitments, Instagram will help me stay connected to readers in between posts. So, if you are plugged into Instagram like most of the world, look me up there and follow if you wish. I could use some cheering on as I try to drag my analog brain into the 21st century. ( do people use these itty bitty keyboards on such a tiny screen??? It makes me feel as if my fingers are huge!)


Leone said…
One of my favourite blogs and you've lost me. I don't have the technology to access instagram. I am so sick and tired of everything having to change. But I guess I am just old fashioned and believe in the simple life.
Michelle Remy said…
As I stated in my post, my blog isn't going anywhere. I'm just adding Instagram to the list of online tools I am using to share my art and art life. Instagram won't ever replace what I do here at Blogger/Lost Coast Post. Please stick around as I'm still here.
Sincerely, Michelle
Leone said…
Oh good, I am so happy about that. A lot of people don't blog much any more once they start on instagram. Thanks Michelle.