Coloring Exultation

Well, one week of teaching down...onward to week two! For the most part, last week went smoothly in the classroom even as kids were trying to figure out schedules and adjust to being students again after a long, leisurely summer. I'm trying to make those adjustments as well.

There's precious little time for art-making. Correction...there's time but I don't have the energy to use it. I'm dabbling here and there but not getting a whole lot done. When I do dabble, it's often in my new journal called "Exultation" which is, in essence, a self-made, scribbly-style coloring book.

Adult coloring books are a hot trend right now and I can see the appeal. It's nice to wind down at the end of a long day with a quiet, meditative activity...just what I need. However, I didn't have coloring books growing up (parental emphasis was on creating my own images) so I feel very weird about working on the drawings of others. In addition, I haven't seen much out there that interests me visually enough to inspire me to spend what little art time I have coloring. After I created "Exultation," I realized I had solved my coloring conundrum.

I wish I could work faster on these pages but they are a long time in the finishing...just a tiny bit every so often. I also bounce around in this journal, working multiple pages at once. This is one journal I know I may never see the end of! In this post you can see the progression of a page, from blank scribble to finished piece. Besides coloring with acrylics and watercolor, I add small bits of tape and collage, pen/pencil/marker work, and lettering. The images are awkward owing to their non-dominant hand, scribbled beginnings but to me, their silly imperfections are fun and utterly forgiveable once the page is complete. It all just seems to come together in the end.


Hello Michelle. I was inspired by your former post and did a page of doodles with my non dominant hand. I started coloring it.I am happy that i can color in my own images rather than someone else's.I am taking progress pics and will post the page when it is finished.I really like the fresh state of your pages.
Emie58 said…
It's amazing how much difference the shading makes.... I can see how these can be relaxing... totally FUN!!!