Sparks Fly Out into the World

"The Shekel Brothers"; mixed media; 12x12"
Well, the Sparks of Madness show went up onto the walls yesterday afternoon and despite my (usual) worry that I wouldn't have enough pieces to fill the space, it looks pleasantly full. I hung 31 pieces and I have six more in varying stages of completion. Next Sunday, I'll pop in to add them to the show. I'll have to tweak the current arrangement to make them all fit in a visually pleasing manner. Actually I should say that my "installation assistants" (aka very good friends who support my artsy endeavors) will adjust the display as I am banned from climbing ladders given balance issues. I just stand back and command "To the left!" "Up just a bit!" "No, back the other way!" "Stop! That's perfect!" I'll post pictures of the show in a future missive, maybe after reception night.

At the last minute, I decided to give all my pieces elaborate, silly titles. I'm hoping this will help draw viewers up to the works to read the tags and perhaps connect more deeply with individual characters. This particular piece is entitled "The Sheckle Brothers" which may or may not be a sly reference to the wretched Koch brothers. (I just in this very moment realized that I spelled "sheckle" wrong. *sigh* That's going to bug me the entire week. I'll have to fix that even though I'm willing to bet few people will notice.)


JShelby said…
Friends that climb ladders are the best kind :) you're lucky to have them! I sincerely wish I could see your sparks hanging in their space, my heart races at the thought. Is it too much to ask that you share a few photos for your distant friends?
Heidi said…
I too would like to see photos of your work - Thanks! I hope you have a great show.