Mama Tempest

"Mama Tempest Scolds the Littles"; acrylics; 11x14 inches
Just five more show pieces to complete, sign, varnish (black & white ones only,) photograph, name, price, label, and hang. Then I absolutely have to move on to other things, projects that took a backseat to the painting fever (I'm looking at you, Snippets journal), ideas that have waited patiently for their turn in my mind's spotlight, and most importantly, prep for the upcoming school year (all I can say about that right now is "Yikes!")

The official "reception" for Sparks of Madness is Friday August 14 but it is sort of anticlimactic as the show is currently available for anyone to see as long as the business is open. However, on the second Friday of every month, local businesses stay open into the evening, host artists and musicians and offer wine tastings to benefit charitable organizations. Some people wait to look at the month's featured artists until that night, making an event of it. Sometimes it is busy and sometimes it seems like no one much cares. I've never shown during August so it will be interesting to see how attendance rates this month in comparison to later in the year.