ICAD 2015: Closing Thoughts

Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day challenge is over for another year and here are my thoughts on how this project went for me:

  • I completed, photographed, and blogged 49 cards. I have another 14 that are backgrounds only. Those cards are "unfinished" simply because I was completely focused on work for my upcoming show. Once my show is up and I can relax, I may add more to those cards or I may leave them as is. I feel no pressure either way.
  • I did NOT number any of my cards. My goal was to complete seven per week and that system worked well for me. (I already have a well-established daily art practice so that component of the challenge wasn't something I needed to meet.)
  • In fact, this year, the challenge progressed smoother than it has in all previous years. I picked seven cards at the beginning of the week, applied paint here and there in the course of that week while working on art for my show, and on the last day, I finished off the set. Easiest-peasiest method ever!
  • To stay organized, I made a little chart for all nine weeks of the challenge with columns to check off for prepping, finishing, photographing, and blogging my creations. This made it easier to keep up with the documentation of my participation (something I often find harder than the challenge itself.)
  • This year I expanded the definition of "card." In addition to standard index cards, I also used recipe, flash, bingo, playing, and library cards. Sometimes I cut those cards down to 4x6; mostly I just used the cards as I found them. The little bit of text behind my painted backgrounds added an extra layer of interest and I got to dive into my collected but neglected stash of cards.
  • I LOVE the cards I created this year and I cannot wait to incorporate them into my journals!

As much as I love this challenge, I'm not sure I'll do it again next year (something I say every year.) Besides the fact that I may be laid up next summer with yet another major foot surgery, I am feeling an intense pull towards other projects. ICAD does eat up valuable studio time; this year, however, I felt like I was finally able to find that balance between doing the challenge justice while still focusing on other things. Never say never! 

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