Glass Sketching Continues

Here's another installment in my sketchbook exploration of glass. I felt like I could have worked on this painting for days as every time I looked down and looked up again, I saw something new. I chose this bottle for its lovely shape and the complexity added by the glass stopper. I've included a photo of the bottle so you have an idea of what I was looking at and how I translated that onto the page. If you'd like to paint or draw this bottle, you are welcome to use this photo as a reference. Your sketch will have a slightly different quality if you work from a photo rather than life but this picture might be useful for practice. 

For more tips on sketching from life, check out this vintage post from my Watercolor Wednesday series.

I painted this in watercolor using primarily M. Graham's Neutral Tint and Payne's Gray from Winsor & Newton. There are also small touches of white gouache and a tiny bit of sap green; glass picks up colors from items surrounding it and those colors shimmer within the glass itself. As you can see, I have white cardstock underneath and behind the bottle to reduce the complexity of those inner reflections. In addition, although you can't tell from my reference photo, the bottle is slightly elevated up off my studio table so I wasn't staring down at it. I lit this bottle from the left and worked on it in one session so the shadowing remained consistent.

I feel like I overworked the cast shadow and didn't quite capture the intensity of that cast light on the paper but otherwise, I am pretty pleased with this sketchbook entry. Typically, I add a title and some notes to my pages but I left this alone once I finished. I wanted the page clean and uncluttered so my painting is simply signed and dated. 


Susan Achter said…
Wow...the bottle is lovely. Great job on it.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful rendering. Love it.
Que maravillosa su arte!!!
Hey Michelle, I met you last night-- and I loooove your work, your play, your wimsy take on this life. I live in arcata and would love to be a student sometime if you are still teaching. I used to be more active in book arts and paper decorating but it has been years. You have inspired me to just play again. And I like my coffee muy fuerte con un pocitito de crema. ali
Because I don't know how to do this blog stuff I am signing as my daughter Malia, but it is not from her. sorry about that.