Monday, July 20, 2015

ICAD 2015: Cards 36 - 42

This is the last set of index cards that I completed in the week that they were "due." I'll continue creating index cards for the balance of July but at my own pace. My elective art time is dwindling as the summer begins its final hurrah for 2015. The next two weeks will be spent in a fevered push to complete a bunch of paintings and then, after a brief respite, preparation for fall teaching will begin in earnest. Teaching this coming year is going to be challenging but the task of balancing increased work demands, health issues and the needs of my artistic soul will be an even more rigorous task. I'm glad that I have a couple of weeks at work sans students to get my legs underneath me. Hopefully I can develop some sort of daily rhythm before my students stride in at the first of the year, full of that beginning-of-school enthusiasm that often borders on wildness.

This was a fun set of index cards to develop. I wanted some cards that were less finished, ones that could be added to later...or not. I sort of like these cards just the way they are. I created the backgrounds throughout the previous week, randomly layering on bits of paint leftover from my painting sessions. Then I drew the off-center mandalas with a white paint marker; once that dried, I outlined the white lines in black ink to make them pop against the colored background.


Ryegirl said...

Hi Michelle,
I came to your blog via Pinterest and I'm looking forward to spending some time reading more of your very informative posts.
I'm currently taking beginner drawing/watercolour classes and I've already noticed some very helpful tips. Thanks so much for sharing,

Tamfish said...

Really inspiring

Julie said...


Sharon Montalbano said...

I absolutely love all the colors you used. I hope you don't mind if a use this photo as my phone wallpaper. Just looking at all this color makes me happy. ��

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