ICAD 2015: Cards 29 - 35

So I've made it to the halfway mark of the 2015 Index-Card-a-Day challenge and I'm going to try to keep up as long as possible. The next five weeks are going to be insane and I'm not sure yet which "want-to-do" projects will necessarily end to make room for things I "have-to-do." I am in love with the 35 cards I've completed so far and I cannot wait to leverage them into future art. As long as my index card work can continue alongside and not instead of other, more pressing things, I think I might make it to the end of July. If not...meh...no big deal.

Doubt and delight are doing a merry dance in my brain right now as I try to absorb the changes that touched down last week in the midst of my quiet summer days spent painting and relaxing. After nine years, my art teacher role at a local charter school is transforming and expanding. I'm moving from teaching Friday mornings to 12 hours per week in the regular academic classroom Monday through Thursday.

First and foremost, I'll be teaching a yearlong class to 35 upper grade students entitled "Art of the Americas" that will run concurrently with first-year Spanish. Besides supporting student acquisition of a new language and presenting cultural, historical, and creative concepts of the Americas (Mexico, Central & South America,) I'll be floating from class to class, presenting art lessons on a wide variety of projects including the usual Shakespeare unit (and accompanying theater performances of Twelfth Night and Hamlet.) I'll also be teaching observational drawing the entire year (this will be a component of the Art of the Americas class so students can meet a particular graduation requirement.) And just to shake up my life a bit more, if my health holds up, I'll be doing some traveling for the first time since my son was one (he's nearly 23 now.) I'll be going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in October and if I survive to next summer, I'm destined for the Yucatan Peninsula in June when the Spanish class travels there to attend a language immersion program. 

Aaaaaaa! Picture a woman running in circles, a swarm of bees circling her head and you'll know how I feel right now. I'm thrilled and terrified, a rather bewildering combination. These changes are going to require huge adjustments in my self-care routine and time management if I have any hope of getting through it all without physical and mental collapse. I struggled last year with a mere seven hours per week but I felt I would be crazy to turn down this opportunity. I can't discover the boundaries of my world unless I test the edges every now and then...*deep breath* 

For now, I'm going to focus on my upcoming art show and try desperately to take this grand new adventure one day at a time (in spite of having to draft months of plans before mid-August.) I still have some leisurely summer days left before I have to dive back into teaching.


Emie58 said…
Congrats on your new adventure!!! With your excellent organizational skills and your great insight into your physical abilities, I know you can do this!!! I think it's great that you push yourself and that you look at what you *can* do instead of what you *can't do*. IMHO, that's more than half the battle. I deal with some physical issues so this is an inspiration to me.
carol said…
Excited to follow you on this journey! Sounds like a great curriculum and a great opportunity! I love these latest little cards too!
stefanie stark said…
Congratulations on all these new challenges! I'm sure you will enjoy it and I understand your exitement very well too. I'm always as nervous as you are when my wishes, dreams and challenges come true. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your successful time management. And I just would like to let you know that I love your index cards!