ICAD 2015: Cards 22 - 28

Wednesdays are "homefront" days which means my focus is on chores and cooking instead of art. I woke up with a migraine at 3 am and it wasn't until 8 am that I finally had it under control enough to move onward with my day. So far I've put away laundry, fixed breakfast, showered, taken my son to work, cleaned the cat box twice (poor Marley is under the weather,) mopped the floor, vacuumed, washed two sets of dishes, taken, edited, and uploaded photos...all before 1 pm! In that same time frame, I also managed to get a batch of fresh peach cobbler made and it is currently bubbling away in the oven. Yum! Now I've fixed my afternoon cup of coffee and propped the computer up in my lap...time for blogging!

When I completed the backgrounds of these cards, I wanted to do something other than collage so I created seven little brushstroke landscapes in sumi ink on top of all that color. However, when I was finished, the black lines didn't stand out as much as I would've liked so I had to add a wash of white fluid acrylic around my lines as well as lines in grey paint marker.

Finally, I got the wild notion that these should be little moonscapes, so I added a shiny happy moon on each card. Now I have seven cards that are almost identical; I don't know what I'll do with them all but I like them.

Thank you a million times over to everyone who stopped by to read my Sunday post, the first in my new series "How Do You...? I know I said I was going to alternate this feature with another but since I began with a complex question that inspires multiple answers, I'll string together those posts on consecutive Sundays so we don't lose the flow of my commentary.

I also wanted to clarify my remarks regarding collage from my Monday Snippets post: I'm not quitting the technique of collage. I just want to reduce my usage of prepurchased images and I want to do more sketchbook-style journaling. The Minuets project isn't going anywhere and I'm sure I'll still play around with cut-n-paste characters a la Teesha Moore. I've already been narrowing my focus to self-produced images over the last several years; I just want to continue that trend as I feel that the more I reference myself, the more I craft my own unique look and voice. (That's something I'll write about in a future "How Do You..?" post.) Anyhoo...hope your mid-week is fabulous and that it only gets better as we slide into the holiday weekend!