Guess the Story Results

[detail from larger work]
Well, the results are in and you guys hit the nail on the head four times over. I asked my readers to guess the story of this piece for my show and yes...the title is "The Suitors." So hooray for my illustration abilities! I've been working hard to get the story aspect into my illustrations so I'm making progress.

I have no earthly idea who would want this piece as it is a very strange image to hang on the wall (kid's room maybe?) but I'm trying to allow myself to create whatever comes to mind. I'll worry about the waste of canvas later. I am learning a lot about myself, my interests, and my future goals with this series so no matter what happens once these pieces go out into the world, I'm content. I'll always be able to say that I took the risk and brought my creatures out of the sketchbook for all to see. My deepest thanks to everyone who has cheered me on! There have been plenty of times where I might not have continued on this track were it not for the wonderfully supportive comments you all have left for me on this blog. 

EDIT: All the pieces in this show ended up with silly, elaborate names. This piece became Princess Agatha the Ambivalent Considers Her Options. 


Loulou in Texas said…
Michelle, I love your art and your expressive little creatures! I'm thinking that maybe you should consider a market that might include restaurants or other businesses that might want to hang them on their walls for a larger audience to enjoy, not just be concerned about a wall in someone's home. These are very creative and are sure to catch someone's eye! Best wishes! Louise