Taking a Very Brief Respite

"Capt. Monkey Shines"
Happy Friday Lost Coast Posties! Here's the latest in my Sparks of Madness series...this rather demented-looking primate - I assure you he's harmless in spite of the fangs - is still unnamed. I haven't had much time to listen to my creatures once they appear so until I have some real free time, they must carry on with such non-specific designations as "Sparks2."

Today is my last day of teaching for the 2014-2015 school year and while I consider this to have been one of my best years for teaching, it has also been my most exhausting. I am thoroughly worn down and in my fatigue, after recovering from the stomach flu, I managed to acquire a nasty summer cold that makes me sound like I belong on a TB ward. I need just a touch of down time so to that end, I'm taking a wee blogging break until Monday, June 15. I'll mostly certainly be working on journals, blog and show-related stuff behind the scenes but I'll not be back to regular posting until that date. (For me, "regular posting" means two or three times per week depending on how much I have to share.) I typically try to post more often during the summer so stay tuned. In the meantime, take care of you and yours and make some art!


Anonymous said…
Enjoy your rest, Michelle, and I hope you start feeling better real soon!
Best wishes,
JShelby said…
oh my gosh I love him! Have a lovely break, I hope it's refreshing :)
Anonymous said…
and a very well deserved break it will be : )

Love your creatures and of course all your art in general : ) I've been following for a while and have caught up on your wonderful watercolor tutorials - thanks soo much for keeping them on your blog, I know they are from a few years ago but for me - a newbie to watercolor - I'm lovin them : )

I hope you'll feel lots better soon - summer colds are the pits (love to be outside : ( but they tend to go away sooner if you just do lots of rest and relax time : ) looking forward to the 15th !!!!

Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )