Snippets: Weeks 23 and 24

As I said in my previous Snippets post, I was experiencing some mid-project fatigue with my Snippets 365 journal so, in order to change things up a bit, I challenged myself to create a character-a-day from June 1 to June 14 in the spaces I had designated for each day. I tried to craft characters and creatures in a wide variety of media and methods including gouache, acrylics, colored pencils, collage and sumi ink. I love the resulting spread! I don't think I could keep this up beyond these two weeks but I will certainly play with other themed weeks throughout the remainder of the year. It is fun to have a challenge within a challenge. 


I loved these characters. Each one is different, so unique :)
Journal Swag said…
I've enjoyed all of your "snippets" spreads!! You've inspired me to start one too. :)

Sheila in Denver

JShelby said…
I want to give June the 4th a snuggle
Cate Rose said…
These are fabulous critters! Your work is so awesome, Michelle. xo