ICAD 2015: Cards 15 - 21

I spent almost the entirety of this past Sunday completing this set of index cards. At one point, I looked at the clock and thought "I can't believe this is taking so long!" However, if the size of my work space was any indicator, I had a pretty darn good time. I don't know about you but my actual working space shrinks in proportion to how much fun I'm having and as you can see, towards the end of this marathon session, I had only about five inches square left (on a 3x5-foot table!) In addition, in past years, I would have spent the entire day on one card rather than seven at once so it's all good.

I am just very finicky about how I finish cards up. I want these cards to be complete pieces that can be used later in other works so I spent a lot of time trying out various focal images. It is one of the reasons I sort of despise collage. I find myself really dragging myself through the process. It just takes so damn long. I hate wasting time digging for the perfect image and worrying about copyright. I've never had a large collection of images to use in collage work so I always feel like I'm repeating myself. And yes, I know there's no rule that says I have to collage on my cards. I just wrestle an insistent internal voice that tells me that's the best way to finish off these backgrounds.

For this year's ICAD challenge, I have become very attracted to layering black and white images from Dover publications (copyright-free reproductions of vintage lithographs and etchings) onto all that colorful random painting. I love the contrast this technique creates. I also love all the layers in these cards. My goal is to have each card hint at a story or convey a message. Please know that if you read up on the guidelines for ICAD, there is no rule about how you make your cards. This is simply how I choose to approach the challenge and I realize right up front that this makes a little more work for me. As long as I don't get so far off into the weeds that I can't do other things, I'm OK with spending a day here and there immersed in index card art.


That transformed Mona Lisa card is hilarious :) I also keep up the habit but am quite behind in posting.
Emie58 said…
Copyright???? Such a difficult topic to navigate. I took a collage class by Stephanie Levy and she asked her 25 (or so) guest collage artist about copyright... and she got 25 different answers. I wish it was black and white. I don't sell any of my work, it's all for personal use, but I do wonder about sharing with other people. Love your art work!!!
Caty said…
Fabulous cards Michelle !! Congrats !!! you create very great arworks, I love all of them. Big hugs, Caty.