Dialing Back the Color

I've been working intensely on my new Sparks of Madness series since teaching ended the first week in June and oh! the luscious color I've been using! Just look at that delicious palette! As you can probably tell, I am madly, deeply, wildly in love with color. However, sometimes all that color gets overwhelming, as if I'm on sensory overload. I also know that color-soaked art isn't everyone's cup of tea, so when I'm preparing for a show, I almost always do at least one piece with the same techniques but a more limited, sedate palette.

"Sir Stanislav the Stalwart" - SOLD
This time around, I decided to split the series into two separate technique styles and color palettes. First and foremost, I'm painting a bunch of monsters in screaming color but I'm also going to produce several pieces in mostly black, white, gray, and cream with small touches of color. This series within a series also features creatures and critters created from pieces of collaged found papers on canvas. This stalwart feathered fellow is the first in my limited palette pieces. I worked in this style briefly in 2013 (for example, there's this piece I posted back then) but this time, instead of working on mat board, I'm taking the technique to canvas. 

By switching things up, I'm able to avoid burnout, stretch my supplies (that fine art paint is expensive,) and create a show that can appeal to more people (which I need since a monster theme already narrows my audience.) A few "calmer" pieces will also give viewers a place to rest their eyes after taking in all that fantastic color.


mjk said…
i always love your work but that pot bellied bird is wonderful. he is so cute and playful looking. I like the collage and the limited color on his feathers and beak. great work and thanks for always sharing with us.