Blog Changes Coming

So now that teaching is over and I am fully immersed in the wonderful free time afforded by a work and surgery-free summer, I'm making some changes here at Lost Coast Post. I started this blog in 2006 right as I stopped production of my handmade zine, The Ephemeron. I wanted to find a wider audience for my thoughts on art, life, and the artist's life and I wanted to make the process much less laborious. Handmade zines are fun but time-consuming to make and really only practical in small batches.

Over the last nine years, I've tried to offer a mix of inspiration, philosophic musings, and technical information, aiming for an electronic zine of sorts. I'm going to continue to do that with a bit more organization. During the summer, my goal is to sort some of my posts under specific themes that post on certain days so that my readers know what to expect throughout the week. When fall and the new school year starts, I'll keep those features in place but probably extend the time between posts to accommodate my busier schedule. If you have been a reader of LCP for any length of time, you are already familiar with how I flex the posting schedule as work, life, and health demands. 

On Mondays and Wednesdays, look for the usual posts on what I'm up to in the studio such as the ongoing Snippets journaling process, show prep, sculpture, ICAD, illustration, crafts, and so forth. On Tuesdays (once a month for now,) the new series "Tech Tuesday" will debut, featuring short how-to articles, product reviews and recommendations, tips...stuff related to the nuts and bolts part of art-making. I think the third Tuesday of the month might be good because that's easy to remember.

On Sundays, you are going to see two different features alternating from week to week. First up is "How Do You...?" Here I will answer questions that I get about my art life. People often begin a inquiry with "How do you..." and this will be where I delve into my personal approach to common dilemmas for artists: organization of time and supplies, finding your voice, and so on. 

Finally, I'm also starting a regular feature called "Serendipithon Sundays" which will focus on various ways to bring serendipity and a unique, personal vision to your work. I already schedule regular tool and supply-making sessions throughout the month for myself; now you'll get to see the what, how, and why of that process.

Big plans...probably fueled by the heady warmth of lazy summer days...but I'll never know if something is going to work until I take the leap.

You can help by submitting questions in the comments section of this post. If you have a specific supply you'd like to know more about or if you have a "How do you..." question about my art life, speak up. My mind-reading skills are deeply lacking so I'll rely on you all to pop in and let me know what you want to read more about. I have several posts already in mind for each of the above-mentioned features but the more interaction I have with my readership, the more in depth this blog/electronic zine can become. 


Emie58 said…
Here’s my list of questions/thoughts. I’d love to hear about your thoughts on copyright. On your 100+ things page you speak about your physical challenges… I have chronic pain and I find that if I can get engrossed in an art project I don’t seem to notice the pain as much. I notice this especially when I’m taking a class. Any suggestions about how to keep that sort of interest while making art at home? Any ideas about organization would be of help… I’d especially like to hear ideas about storage of collage materials. Looking forward to your new features on your blog!
md said…
I'd like to know how you make your watercolor spashes in the backgrounds of the pieces. They're so colorful; are the watercolor or acrylics?
Claudia MB said…
I really enjoyed your recent post about using your own work as backgrounds and other elements in collages, instead of repurposing material from other sources. You said "The more you use your own work/materials in your projects, the more unique your work become to you." I've thought a lot about that since I read your post. I'd love to hear more about that and see examples in your finished pieces.
Here is my question. How do you work for the shows? I mean how do you pick what you will do on canvas? Do you paint intuitively? Or do you always first practice ideas on smaller mediums/ in your sketch book and if you like the idea do you transfer it to canvas? If you do, do you replicate the first work on a bigger scale or do you converge from the initial sketch? I always wonder if it creates a kind of boredom or frustration to paint the same thing over again?