Unfolding My Own Myth

5:15 in the a.m. here on the coast of northern California (if you're thinking San Francisco, adjust your thoughts about 300 miles north of that!) Lit only by the tiny white lights circling my studio and the glow of my computer screen, I type this little message, balancing both computer and purring girl-kitty, Miss Tuscany Jane, on my lap. I post a lot about my giant marmalade Marley Bear simply because he is (literally) such a big presence in my life but Tussy was here first and she is my constant shadow - a bit cranky as calicos are prone to be but still always in my orbit, usually trying to worm her way up onto my chest so she can snuggle. 

I wanted to say how very loved I feel after all the thoughtful and supportive comments that came in after my last post...thank you! When you guys so generously take time out of your busy, busy lives to tap out a message to me, it fans the flames of my enthusiasm for this space and helps assure me that I am on the right path. After nine years, I suppose it is natural to wonder "Is what I'm doing here still relevant and useful?" Thank you for the resounding "Yes!" Message received. I'm going to just let this blog unfold and reveal itself as I do the same. I have lots of ideas percolating about where to take Lost Coast Post in future weeks and months (dare I say years?!) and I'll put some of those notions into practice as the teaching year winds down. It is delightful to know so many are willingly to join me on this unpredictable journey of my art and life. 
Gratefully yours,


Cate Rose said…
Hi Michelle ~ I always read but don't often comment these days. Glad you're going to keep at it and let it unfold as it does. Like life itself. Have a wonderful summer hiatus. xo
gypsy said…
Yes. Let it unfold. Happy you felt the warmth of the comments on the previous post.
Beverley Baird said…
What a lovely journal page - and wonderful message.