Sparks of Madness Flare to Life

"Grand Prince Iago the Shiftless" - SOLD
I have just a couple of teaching days remaining in the 2014 - 2015 school year but my preparation for an August show of my painting work has already shifted into high gear. I'm going to create some more pieces for my Motley Menagerie theme (birds, fish, animals) to satisfy the crowd looking for more "living room suitable" art but this year, I'm also going to take a risk and bring my monsters out of the sketchbook and into the big, wide world for all to see. I'm calling this series Sparks of Madness, as inspired by the words of the late Robin Williams:
You're only given a little spark of madness.
You mustn't lose it.
I have no idea how these paintings will be received by the public but I know that when I'm painting and these weird little faces begin to peek out from the colorful chaos of my backgrounds, I smile and my grin only gets bigger as the whole creature reveals itself to me. It really does feel like I'm meeting old friends that I've only corresponded with but not yet met in person. Their images are surprising but they also feel comfortably familiar. (I have the same sort of feeling when I sculpt...sounds crazy I suppose but there it is.) Anyway, I hope that at least a few people see these paintings for what they are: a celebration of my inner child.

I'm not sure yet how I'm going to title these paintings. Should I give them names? Or just numbers? I'm leaning towards naming them all; numbers seem so impersonal. Still thinking this over so this little fellow remains nameless at this moment. Hopefully, he'll feel brave enough to speak up soon so I don't have to keep calling him "Sparks 1." 

EDIT: I ended up giving all the Sparks pieces silly, elaborate names. This piece became Grand Prince Iago the Shiftless.


Kris said…
I think your friends deserve names. This fellow is much too lively to be just a number.
JShelby said…
"living room suitable" art - well, that doesn't sound very inspirational! LOL, I love your monsters. Maybe living rooms are the problem: they should be more imaginative. They definitely look play room suitable. Sparks 1 looks like a kitchen monster, though. Not sure why, he just has a bored chef attitude to me. I'd be scared to try and pull off mac n cheese for dinner under his ever knowing eyes; he'd make fun of fun of me. I hope you follow the magic and keep putting that smile on your face, because it's certainly infectious! I like the idea of naming your beasties over numbers as well. Can't wait to hear this lovely fellow's name!
Ami said…
He looks a bit like a "Chester" to me, but you're his Creator, so you'll know better than I. I love him! I hope your feedback is glowing for these creatures, because it's so much more fun than birds and fish and living room art. I'm excited to see who else comes out to parade. And I love the series name.
Snap said…
You must name them. They are too wonderful to just be numbers. !!!
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" :) I love your monsters.And i am sure just like they appear out of the blue, they will tell you their names as well.Would color coding help? Like "rainbow monster" ?
Journaler said…
Love the names chosen ... names for sure