Snippets: Weeks 21 and 22

I have to admit that this past two weeks in my Snippets journal was tough to complete. As of May 31st, I've completed 151 days in this 365 journaling project...just 214 days to go. There are several reasons why I struggled to stay focused on Snippets these last two weeks. First, as teaching ends for the school year and summer break stretches out before me, I am turning my attention to painting. I always work on multiple projects (and in multiple media) at once but typically only one thing gets my white-hot, laser focus. All other projects are on the periphery, things I dabble on here and there as time allows and the mood strikes. Right now, painting is front and center.

Secondly, I am growing weary of collage. Since I am leaning heavily on my imagination and sketchbooks while I paint, collage work (i.e. using images that aren't my own) feels, at best, like a distraction and at worse, like a fraud. Drawing and painting my own stuff (and collaging my own stuff) feels the most authentic. I've been working towards 100% self-generated imagery for a few years now; I'm not sure if I'll ever get there but after five months of using found, collected images, I feel that familiar urge to refocus on my own work. 

Finally, it is simply natural to lose steam in the middle of a yearlong project. 365 days is a long haul and I am not surprised that I am losing interest as I near the halfway point. However, I have zero desire to leave this project incomplete so I am giving myself permission to change things up a bit. I might do some more theme weeks or I might spend a few weeks sketching in each box. Maybe I'll do a monster-a-day for a while or just work with photos. Perhaps, I'll do two weeks of miniature landscape paintings...the possibilities are endless and the rules are non-existent.

It is good to remind myself that this journal is my playground, not my cage.

Note: I've written about 365 projects before. I've finished some and abandoned some. Every effort at a long term project - whether complete or not - has generated valuable insight and inspiration.   


Emie58 said…
I LOVE your quote at the end of your post... a journal shouldn't be a cage... that's just a perfect way to put it.
Thanks, Emie
Leone said…
I resonated so much with this post. I have several projects going at once and thought this was a bad thing, that I am scattered but I get bored quickly and need a change. Also, I have started so many projects or on-line classes and not finished so it was good to hear that someone else doesn't complete things. I so enjoy your blog.
Anonymous said…
I also could relate to this post, and it reminds me that I need to quit beating myself up for not completing 365-day projects. The words about your journal being your playground and not your cage are excellent to remember.
And we all need to remind ourselves with art journaling that "...the possibilities are endless and the rules are non-existent." So true!
Thank you for sharing your blog with us!
Best wishes!