Happy Birthday to LCP!

Whoo hoo! Let the confetti fly and cake be served! It's been nine years since I first began blogging here at Lost Coast Post! In honor of the occasion, I've been tinkering with the template, changing up the blog header, adjusting the color scheme, updating the pages. If you're reading this in a feed, please do pop in to the actual site so you can check out the makeover. 

Let's review how it all started on Saturday, May 20, 2006...
Well, I have decided to leap blindly onto the electronic bandwagon and try out blogging. I'll share my art and my random thoughts & observations on trying to live an artistic life. I'm hoping that this experiment will encourage me to write more enthusiastically and prolifically. The more daily wonderings I can generate, the more material I'll have to explore in my art. And sometimes, it is just helpful to document everyday struggles and triumphs, transforming the internal into something external. That, after all, is the job of the artist, no matter the media or medium.
Many years ago, I created a zine by hand titled The Ephemeron and in moments of insanity (typically when fevered,) I toy with the idea of revisiting zine publishing. (I may still give in to that crazy notion.) I think that when I began blogging, I envisioned this space as a virtual zine, a replacement for that hand-produced zine that was fulfilling but exhausting. I don't know if Lost Coast Post really became that in the last 705 posts but as I move forward, I will be making changes here and there so LCP more closely resembles that model. I want to continue to offer solid content that readers can actually use in their own art endeavors. I think that is an imperative as I also gently nudge LCP toward being something that can, in the least, fund my art supply habit. Simply put, I need to offer something worthwhile for your dollars, be it information, inspiration, or physical art works.

Rest easy though: Lost Coast Post will NEVER become one of those blogs that exists solely to promote product. Those kinds of blogs leave me with an icky, overwhelmed (and yet underwhelmed) feeling. I want this space to be somewhere you look forward to visiting and where you leave feeling richer than when you arrived.

So thank you to everyone, silent and talkative, who has joined me here over the years for my frequent ramblings, occasional rantings, and wild, unpredictable adventures in art. May there be many more meetings between you and I!


Snap said…
YeeHaw! And many more LCP birthdays!