Beauty and the Beasts

In between all the other things I do, I spend a lot of time playing with clay. I don't often post pictures because sculpture is something I mostly do quietly and privately to wind down after a hard day or to finalize a character design. Perhaps you remember these ladies and gents I posted about back in 2013?
Well,in April, I was absolutely delighted when Judy Wise opened up a class on how to create Sculpey dolls. I signed up immediately and learned her awesome technique for making jointed dolls. I began with a doll that mimics Judy's style and technique, a pretty little thing named Piper. Piper is very sweet, a bit busty, and definitely a girly girl.
Then I veered off the path and surprise! Monsters appeared! Huck and Puck are Piper best friends. Huck (in violet) is a bit shy and self-conscious owing to a rather unfortunate dental difficulty. Puck looks perplexed most of the time but he is a good soul who looks after Huck when the other monsters in my studio snicker. "Mind your own fangs," he replies softly. Properly admonished, the other monsters stop laughing and invite Huck and Puck to join them on the shelf overlooking my work space.
This little clay beauty and her beastly friends join the growing contingent of clay creatures and characters crowding my studio. Their little faces watch my every move and I am cheered by their stalwart support. I cannot wait to make some more!

Oh, and hooray for this, my 700th post here at Lost Coast Post! My blog's ninth birthday is coming up on May 20th. I can't believe that this space is still going strong after all this time. A big virtual hug goes out to everyone who visits here and peeks into this window onto my world. I hope what you see and read inspires you in your own creative endeavors, whatever form they may take. 


JShelby said…
I do believe I've just fallen in love with Huck and Puck. And I can't wait to tell someone to "mind their own fangs" !
Michellem said…
I ALWAYS love your monsters - such fun personalities they show! Congrats on your 700th post -
stefanie stark said…
Oh I LOVE your funny dolls! They all are such phantastic whimsical characters! WONDERFUL!