Lucky Ducks

Art-making will be slowing down to non-existent over the next two weeks as I turn my attention towards my middle school students and their upcoming performance of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Performance coaching is loads of fun but requires a sustained, high energy output that takes a lot out of me. By the end of school, I'm lucky if I can string three words together. Mostly, I just collapse on the couch and stare at stupid TV shows, recharging so I can jump back in again.

Thankfully, I have a backlog of old work to show so blog posts will continue during this crazy time. Today I'm posting the most recent page in my sketchbook. I'm very slowly getting back into life sketching; my interest in this journal burned passionately this past summer and then fizzled out. When I picked up my sketchbook again, I realized that I wanted to explore rendering different texture types in watercolor: smooth, soft, dull, shiny, plastic, metal. It is very challenging and that challenge keeps my attention engaged. I really do love this type of journaling and eventually, I'd like to focus on this almost exclusively. For now, it'll be a page here and there as time allows.  


carol said…
Love the page and especially the color swatches and explanations! Good luck with the play!
Jeanet said…
So inspirational for a water color newbie as myself. Thank you for sharing
Anewdawn 16 said…
awesome page :)