Almost in the Home Stretch

"Minuet No. 7 - Bouquet"
I am almost finished with theater coaching for this year! Just one more dress rehearsal day at the theater to survive! This week, I've been cloistered backstage with the students not currently onstage; there are three casts so when one cast is practicing, there are about 30 students behind the scenes that need minding and that require constant "shushing." I've been keeping them busy with Shakespeare-related art and writing projects but after four months of this, they are getting squirmy. I think we'll all be very happy when this is over.

After this week, I return to my usual Thursday/Friday schedule until the first week of June and then...I'M FREE! I opted to postpone my next foot surgery until next summer so I intend on spending every free moment creating for my shows in August and October. I spent the entirety of last summer trapped on the couch with an open wound in my foot that didn't close until the third week in October. I just couldn't bear going through all that again so soon. I need some quality breathing room between school years!