Snippets: Weeks 7 and 8

Took an unplanned but necessary break from blogging due to household upset (again!) due to a chronically-leaking upstairs toilet; I'll spare you the dirty details but suffice to say that sometimes apartment living is not for the faint-of-heart. I covet my routine, peace, quiet, cleanliness, and privacy almost obsessively and it is intolerable to have strange people and deafening equipment ripping up my space. In addition, all the resulting stress nullifies my PD meds and as a result, I become a constantly shaking mess. It took all I had to complete my spread for the last two weeks. On really bad days, I did just a little and on other days with a bit more calm, I accomplished a bit more. This journal format really fits the unpredictability of my life and health; I can stick with my "art every day" goal while not getting overwhelmed.

The ceiling in my son's room gets repaired on Monday (again) and ironically, as things settle back down, I think my art-making will gain traction as I have deadlines to meet with several projects in the development/preparation stage. The next few months look like they'll be super busy but it is a happy busy of my own making.


Unknown said…
Bellissima pagina!!!
Journal Swag said…
Absolutely gorgeous pages! Love LOVE them! I am a private person too, so I really understand the upset you must be going through. You're stronger than you think! Hang in there!

p.s. art saves!

With Blessings,
Sheila in Denver