Life in Crazy Town and Robot Heads

For me, the new year has roared forth like a rabid lion, filled to the brim with top level chaos including (but not limited to) a work schedule that changed five times in a week and a flood of raw sewage in my son's room from an improperly installed toilet. Throw in the winter blues and PD tremors made worse by dipping temperatures and my days have been a mess. I'm keeping up with my new journal project but not much else. I'm hoping things will start to settle down soon because I'm not designed to manage sustained insanity. I have a grand art project wish list but little time or energy to bring those ideas into reality. The new semester of teaching begins next week (something my boss neglected to tell me until last week) so right now, every spare moment is spent lesson planning. I'll be teaching cartooning again (that class is in its ninth year but gets revised & updated every year) and a new class in writing and illustrating children's books. I'm already coveting the arrival of June!

Anyway, enough boo-hooing...I'm lucky to have what I have and to do what I do so I'll just ride this crazy train all white-knuckled and such until it pulls into the Station of Not-So-Crazy. Once that happens, I'll get back to my regularly-scheduled painting, illustrating, and sculpting. Speaking of sculpture (see what I did there?) today's post features photos of a couple of pencil cups I made as Christmas gifts. I lucked out and found two squared-off mugs in a local thrift shop; I knew as soon as I saw them that they'd be perfect as robot heads. They look a little bit how I feel...