Following the Whisper of an Idea

Before the holiday chaos of 2014 descended upon my life last year, an idea for a new project popped into my head and henceforth, bringing this idea to fruition occupied every quiet moment in November and December. Furthermore, given a delightful recent development, it looks like I'll be continuing this project well into the new year.
I wanted to create some unique pencil cups to display art supplies on my studio table. My studio has decorative mugs sitting on every available surface, containing pencils, pens, and brushes...LOTS of brushes! I'm always looking for artsy mugs but really wanted something I couldn't buy in a store. So I sacrificed a couple mugs from the kitchen, covered them in clay, and sculpted some monster faces. Once they air-dried, I painted and glazed the result. I love what I came up with in the end! These cups take days to complete given all the steps and drying time of both clay and paint but I love the process. I find that sculpture transports me out of time and my comfort zone. I definitely see much more three-dimensional work in my future.

Happily, my son encouraged me to take a couple of samples into my local art store and to my surprise, the owner agreed to let me sell these fancy pencil cups in her shop (without taking commission!) Wow! Once again, it pays to take a breath, gather some courage, follow the whisper of an idea, and the roar of outside encouragement.  


Saskia said…
Wow, this cups are GREAT!!! So fun and unique!!!

Smiles, Saskia :)
Cate Rose said…
Your mugs are just fabulous! I thought at first maybe you'd been to Fire Arts; but I love that you embellished ones you already had. They're just awesome. Hope you have a really wonderful year. xo
Janet said…
These are very cool! Love'em! Hope you'll list some here for sale so we can see them too.
Kate Robertson said…
Love these, they are full of fun and character.
Beautiful monster cups...Perhaps your bear will make an appearance on the mugs, too.