Saturday, December 27, 2014

Magic Hour of the Year

Wikipedia defines the "magic" or "golden" hour as a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which light is redder and softer compared to when the sun is higher in the sky." Photographers and film makers often take advantage of this time because highlights and shadows are less intense.

I consider this last week of the year to be seven days' worth of magic hours. As the old year closes and the door to the new year opens, I hunker down at home. I reflect on what was and ponder what might be. I make copious resolution lists that I will refer back to all throughout the year. I reprioritize, reorganize, and reenergize. The struggles of the previous year fade away and I look forward with optimism and enthusiasm (even if future struggles have already revealed themselves.) In short, this is my absolute favorite time of year and I'm going to disappear until after the first week in January so I can bask in the soft warmth of hope and plan my heart out. Adieu dear readers until we meet again in this small space of mine. As always, thank you for your readership no matter the publishing lulls. I wish you and yours a wonderful new year!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Soothing My Cranky Christmas Self

I'm still here, swinging between grouchy and grateful as the season grinds towards its conclusion. November and December are my two most hated months of the year and yet contain within their scope some of my most favorite times as well. As of today, I have just two more teaching days and I will be released into the blissful freedom of winter break. However, with a Christmas present budget of absolutely zero dollars, I'll be hunkering down in the studio to make a sleigh full of gifts so I anticipate my daily schedule won't actually slow down until after Christmas Day.  I really do try not to be Grinchy but the relentless drumbeat of "Buy! Buy! Buy!" combined with clingy wet, cold, gray weather often conspires to make me grumpy. I have been soothing my cranky self the only way I know how: gallons of hot chocolate and monster creation.

I've drawn or sculpted 89 creatures since November 9th. Let this be a lesson to you: if you decide to finally open the door to your secret passion - I mean really swing it wide and spread your arms in welcome - be prepared to be trampled when all that has been long hidden bursts into the light. When I concluded about a month ago to get out of my own way, the imagination floodgates crumbled like walls of straw. I can't stop doodling and painting all manner of monsters, robots, aliens, and mutant life forms vaguely recognizable as Earth fauna. It is wondrous and glorious and I hope this wave of creativity washes over me long into the new year.  
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