Wound Care

On July 21, I got the stitches removed from the incision on the bottom of my foot and ever since then, for six weeks now, a family friend (who fortunately happens to be a surgeon with a speciality in wound care,) has been visiting every two days to examine, clean, debride, and rebandage the non-healing wound that developed after the surgery.  Things have been proceeding agonizingly slow but I think maybe I have one more week and the thing will finally be closed.  It won't make much difference in the struggle to walk (that's going to take several more months) but in the very least, I won't be at constant risk of developing an infection.  I've already been through two rounds of antibiotics; it will be nice to be able to put my foot on the floor without worrying about contamination.

There are a lot of supplies and tools associated with long-term wound care.  Some are run-of-the-mill, first aid kit components and some come strictly from a wound care clinic.  Some tools I'm allowed to handle (bandaging supplies) and some are best wielded by a professional; I cringe every time the scalpel has to make an appearance but my doctor has steady hands and a gentle touch.  Anyway, since all this medical stuff has been inhabiting my studio table, I decided to select a few items and memorialize them in my sketchbook.  Normally, I watercolor after drawing, but in this case, I felt a simple black, white & red color scheme was more appropriate, more antiseptic.