Wherein the Storm Passes & Art Remains

OK...now that I've hit the hornet's nest that is Pinterest and some are buzzing about all angry and defensive...let's just dive back into the love and light and laughter of art-making...shall we??  In terms of reblogging, reposting, and/or pinning my work here at Lost Coast Post...well...as a famous (and no doubt copyrighted) cricket once said so wisely: "Let your conscience be your guide."  For my part, I've said my bit, stashed away my soap box, and turned back to my paint box. That's where I find my joy these days; I'll keep sharing what I do and hopefully, my images will alight a spark of inspiration in your own studios.  That's why I'm here in the first place.  

So...onward we go!  To forks.  A rather mundane piece of kitchenware unless you are staring at some from a few inches away and trying to replicate all that intricate etching.  OK...forget the etching...just rendering them as straight objects can be a challenge.  My fork drawings are pretty damn crooked.  Eventually, I figured out that it was easier to draw one side and then the other if I wanted the fork to look like...well...a fork.  I actually had to borrow silverware from a friend because my own flatware is modern, very uniform, and lacking in any interesting detail.  My request to borrow forks to draw was first met with an awkward silence but quickly dissolved into an enthusiastic evaluation of all the little differences between forks from different sets and time periods.  That's the great thing about this entire process: it isn't about the drawing but rather the seeing.  And the more we learn to quiet our chatter and see beyond our own bubbles, the more our capacity to feel and appreciate others expands.   At least, that's the way I hope it works...