Regarding Pinterest (Again)

I have a "No Pinning Please" statement clearly posted near the top of my sidebar as well as "no pin" code embedded in the blog template itself to prevent direct pinning.  Not unexpectedly, people here & there continue to pin from my blog.  This post is for those who manage to workaround or choose to ignore (or honestly didn't know) my wishes:  I am truly happy that you visit and even happier that you found something in all my ramblings that inspired you...really I am.  I do follow some boards on Pinterest but I do not pin myself since I decided that I didn't want my own work pinned.  (I have eliminated all of my boards except one so I can maintain my membership.)   I try not to patronize boards predominately filled with repins or those consistently without links back to the original source (or at the minimum, a simple notation of the artist's name.)  I think Pinterest is a great tool in concept but its execution often shortchanges copyright owners.  I periodically stop to reconsider my "no pinning" stance and maybe someday I'll just say "Ah, What the hell!  Have at it pinners!"  Indeed, I often wish I could relax about all this because I see how Pinterest could be really useful and then I again find something of mine pinned without a hint of credit or *shudder* even credited to someone else.)  So, for now, I really wish you wouldn't pin from Lost Coast Post.

That said, if you feel absolutely compelled to pin from this blog despite my is fairly obvious that I can't stop you.  I can't/won't waste time chasing down rogue pinners;  I check in every so often and sometimes comment on things that were pinned after I put my policy in place, just to give a heads-up on how I feel about pins of my work.  In my experience, most pinners are actually just enthusiastically and innocently repinning from a minority of people who knew my policy and pinned anyway.  (That's the inherent problem with Pinterest: accurate attribution can be frustratingly elusive as an original pin ripples outward on the site as repins.)  In addition, I also realize that some pins come from "curated" sites that have blatently ripped off my content without permission.   People are honestly inspired and pin from those sites without ever knowing about (or visiting) my blog.

Sooooo....long rant short....if you really, really have to workaround or ignore my wishes, please at least add a link back to my blog in your pin description.  It is as simple as copying and pasting the link in the search bar.  The home link is as follows:

If you've repinned something after my policy went into worries...just edit that pin to include a link.  I attach a watermark to every single photo so if all else fails, my name is at least attached to the pinned image.  (Let's not talk about those despicable few who actually Photoshop out the copyright info from a photo...grrrrrrr.)  

And for those of you who visit, look, and not pin (and perhaps "favorite" or "bookmark" instead)...all my love and thanks.


yellowsunnybear said…
Apparently I am one who has offended you. I apologize. I read your blog from an e-reader & therefore did not see your "do not Pin" request. It is possible to make your images so that they can't be pinned and it is also possible to include links in your photo descriptions so that if they are pinned the original source link is included. Your blog has been removed my e-reader & I hope others follow suit.
Cate Rose said…
Hi Michele ~ you said you have "no pin" embedded in the template. Are you referring to the share buttons, which you do not have enabled on your blog?
Thanks much. Hope you're doing alright. Thinking of you. Hugs
Michelle Remy said…
As I stated in my post, my blog DOES have the "no pin" code provided by Pinterest embedded in my blog template so direct pinning is blocked. I'm sorry you felt compelled to stop reading my blog as that was not the intention of my post; my post was not triggered by any specific person. As I said, if you have pinned from my blog without knowing my wishes, I'm not going to spend time fretting over it. It's gonna happen and I've got a life to live and art to make. I've simply asked that if possible, a direct link (or mention of my name & blog at least) be included on pins/repins that do not automatically link back to the blog or even mention my name. Even Pinterest itself asks users to respect copyright law when pinning. (Although, as it is set up and used, Pinterest makes it ridiculously easy to tromp right over the very copyright laws it asks users to respect.) Anyway, I'm sorry to lose a follower; I had hoped to make it clear that my real concerns/complaints are with those select few who DELIBERATELY ignore my policy. Most Pinterest users are blissfully pinning away as inspiration strikes and I know there is absolutely no malice involved if they pin/repin something they see already on Pinterest or on another site who has blogged my work without permission. All I'm asking is that if you pin something and the source isn't clear, take a second to add artist acknowledgement in the pin description. That little step helps the entire system work better for both pinners and "the pinned." Sincerely, Michelle
Michelle Remy said…
Hi Connie - Buried deep in its "Help Section," Pinterest provides a line of actual computer code that can be added into the HTML of the blog template so that if someone tries to directly pin a photo from my blog (many have a "Pin It" button installed on their screen toolbar), a message pops up stating that the owner of the blog does not wish to be pinned. Pinterest created this code fix after an uproar over an inability to "opt out" of being pinned when the site first went up. There are ways to circumvent that piece of code which is why I also have the "No Pinning Please" statement in my sidebar (and why I periodically remind everyone of my wishes in a blog post.) However, as an earlier commenter noted, that sidebar might not even show up on e-readers or phones. I was just hoping to urge people to take that extra second or two to acknowledge & note the artist if it hasn't been done already. I guess that falls into the "common courtesy" column in my head. If I saw more people taking time to do that, I'd be using Pinterest just as enthusiastically as everyone else. - Michelle
CJ Kennedy said…
Hi Michelle, I enjoy reading your blog. I axed my Pinterest account because of their sketchy copyright policy.
TL Harris said…
I like one judge's ruling, I believe in Germany, who stated something to the effect that "if you don't want your stuff shared on the Internet, then don't put it out there in the first place," duh The whole premise of the Internet is about freely sharing, in case you forgot or are unaware of that.

I choose not to follow people who are so uptight about their work being shared that they fail to see the immense benefits they lose because of their unfounded fears. The benefits of people sharing anybody's work FAR outweigh the negatives, has been most people's experience, (unless you just want to make an issue about it because you can).

People can simply capture a screen shot of anything on the Internet using one of the many free tools available and still share it, so short of not putting your stuff on the Internet on the first place, there is no way around it (at least, you've, begrudgingly, come to the realization).

Personally, I look forward to the day when the immature "this is mine, don't touch it" attitude is a thing of the past. It's very refreshing to see that many have let that go and have received unexpected rewards in doing so. And, as the wise proverb states, "There's nothing new under the sun," so, really, everything is a copy of something else, anyways.
Michelle Remy said…
The "If you don't want it stolen, don't put it out there" argument is one of my favorites. It is the copyright version of "If you don't want to be raped, don't wear a certain type of clothing." Being able to share freely does NOT then translate to "freely steal." I find that premise the absolute height of immaturity; it is the kind of behavior one sees in preschool where children take things from others without consideration for ownership or the impact that "taking" will have on the owner. In the case of young children, they are still learning what is socially acceptable amongst their peers and the community-at-large; adults, quite bluntly, should know better. Taking art without permission (and in many cases, passing it off as your own) robs the artist. I would love for you to take an image from DIsney, plaster it all over (with or without copyright acknowledgement) and then try to argue the "well, you put it out there..." with their lawyers. Copyright laws in the US are pretty clear. Anyway, people can & do go round and round on this issue. I have no energy, time, or desire to engage in a lengthy debate on this topic. I'm here to make a little art and share it in hopes that it inspires others in their own creative pursuits. I simply ask my readers who, either deliberately or innocently, repost my images to tag my blog and/or name to those images if it isn't already attached. I call that "common courtesy." And I have stated before that if someone would like to use one of my images, JUST ASK! (There again is something we learned in preschool.) Ultimately, people will do as their conscience guides them; I can't orient the moral compass of others. However, I happen to believe that if we humans take a moment or two to look out for each other (rather than always be focused on our own gain), the world might be a more pleasant and peaceful place. Sincerely - MIchelle Remy
Michelle Remy said…
In the interest of limiting animosity and energy wasted on the same old arguments about copyright laws & rights, I'm closing comments on this post. I just want to make art. If you feel it is OK to take that art knowing full well I wish you wouldn't...well...nothing I say will redirect your moral compass. That comes from within you. To those who reblogged or pinned images from Lost Coast Post and honestly didn't realize my stated policy, please don't beat yourself up. It's OK. Let's move forward, be inspired by all the incredible art available to view on the 'net and then let's go express our OWN unique vision. Don't just look and gather...GO DO!!! x0 - Michelle