Couch Art Days

As of today - Sunday, July 20 - I am just a couple days shy of three weeks since I had my foot surgery.  It has been a painful, bumpy road to say the least.  Before the surgery, I surrounded my couch/bed with good books and good movies as well as a small art kit.  I had all sorts of plans to spend my recovery days blissfully entertaining myself whilst everything healed.  Unfortunately, I severely underestimated post-surgery pain and the all-consuming difficulties associated with being completely unable to bear weight on one leg.  Forget walking: for the most part, I couldn't even move my foot out of a horizontal position, much less put it down on the floor.  I'm just now starting to let my foot hang down and even that is frowned upon by the doctors.

Anyway, my world is confined to the upper floor of my apartment (and yes...the stairs have presented quite the challenge when I have to come & go for appointments!)  More specifically, I am restricted to my couch/bed, foot propped up on pillows while I battle the worst case of cabin fever ever.  Luckily, I had the foresight before surgery to sign up for Sketchbookery, a fabulous new class from Mary Ann Moss.  I wasn't sure I'd even be interested in following along with all the lessons but it turns out that it's about the only thing that actually distracts me from the misery and worry.

I stack my supplies next to me, leaving room for the kitties to snooze, and balance my sketchbook in my lap.  Between the awkward drawing position, pain meds, and Parkinson's, my lines are extra wobbly but I find that just helps me loosen up (literally and mentally.)  Adding watercolor is a bit tricky but I'm managing.  It takes me all day (or even two) to complete a page but I've got all the time in the world right now.  I'm trying concentrate on just keeping the pen moving while sending positive vibes to my wounded foot that is refusing to heal on schedule.  Narrowing my focus to a simple, everyday object keeps my mind from wandering towards more gloomy, unproductive territory.


Mary Ann said…
michelle - i'm so sorry about your foot :-( and those dreadful stairs. you always add so much to every class you've been in. i look forward to seeing everything you bring to the classroom table. i'm seriously impressed with your detail on those remotes. that is never easy to do - for me anyway!
sending you lots of well wishes from way down here in the southern part of the state. xo
Cate Rose said…
Hi Michelle ~ it looks like you're making the very best of what could be a really crappy summer. So sorry about your foot and how you're laid up. I love what you're doing in MA's class, and everything else you do. So just keep on keeping on, however little it seems to you. Hugs and blessings to you.
Linda Watson said…
Thank goodness for Sketchbookery! So sorry about your foot, hope it heals soon. Meanwhile, Remote Possibilities is wonderful!
Say It In Color said…
I am impressed by your determination while being confined to a chair or bed! I understand the stacking all my favorite things by my chair, as with me it's bad back and feet, but I DO take trips ....I GOOGLE MAP places like I went to Carpenteria then put the little yellow man on the road and way I went down a beautiful road and could stop and turn 360 look around. I suppose you could sketch that way! I've been to Africa, Spain, where I lived, and tried the Grand Canyon which hasn't worked too good, but the places I've been are entertaining while in my chair! I've never seen an art page so interesting as remotes! Lovely and detailed!! Keep up the determination and hope you heal fast. Blessings to you.