Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Notes from My Sabbatical: Week 4


It has been a strange week, alternating between skull-crushing migraines and highly-productive, happy days.  My time in the studio is solely focused on assignments from the "Year of the Fairy Tale" class.  I'm not working in any sort of logical, linear fashion.  Instead, I'm bouncing between tasks, painting one day and sketching the next; sometimes I paint my sketches and sometimes I sketch into my paintings.  In short, I am letting my muse do whatever she damn well pleases.  Because of this, it has taken days to complete this study sheet of my princess in her froggy form.  I was experimenting here with different combinations of techniques, trying to settle on one style that I will pull forward into all my spot illustrations for this fairy tale.  I am filling my spare moments with joyful realization of my imagination's notions and as I set the long-caged characters free, my head and shoulders lift with relief.  This is what art-making should be about...


  1. It looks like only the version in the pink crown has lashes. I vote for lashes! The sketch of her holding the arrow in her mouth makes me think of one of my favorite words, "pugnacious." I look forward to more froggy scenes.

  2. Lovely princess!!!

  3. I think you artwork is really great. I just love your princess frogs.

  4. Your illustrations are enchanting! I love love love your frogs! Or is it frog? Anyway you shake it out, she's pretty cute, and she makes me want to know her story. Great little friends you are creating on your pages....XOX Ellen


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