Picking Up in 2014 Where I Left Off in 2013

So here we are...three days into a new year.  I have very complex emotions intermingled with my reflections on 2013.  On the one hand, I feel like I made tremendous strides in my art but on the other, there were the unrelenting health struggles.  In April 2013, I officially "welcomed" Parkinson's Disease into my litany of medical challenges so I move into 2014 determined to make the most of every moment while also allowing time to rest and take care of myself.  Every January, I write up a complex list of things I'd like to accomplish and this year is no different.  I won't burden you with the complete details but here's a brief snapshot of where I hope to head in the days & months to come: 

Artistically, I want to continue my exploration of mediums that require fairly stable fine motor control.  Let's be real for a moment: Parkinson's guarantees that the clock is ticking on that particular skill-set (and there's no way to predict when the alarm will go off) so I want to really push myself while I'm not that shaky.  Last year, I threw myself into my illustration practice and I intend to just keep on that track and see where it takes me.  I'd also like to continue my more in-depth exploration of watercolor and gouache.  As far as journaling is concerned, I'd like to keep working in my unfinished books while perhaps playing in a couple of new formats.  A fabric journal perhaps?  It is hard for me to set many specific goals for my journaling practice because I already like where I'm at and where I'm headed.  Journaling is what it is and what will be will be.  I'm going to just keep playing around in my journals and either be happy with the status quo or be surprised by new developments.

Personally, I've declared 2014 my "Year of Self-Care"...no more putting my needs off in favor of errands, chores, and other demands.  I want to do at least one little thing every day that nurtures my body, mind, and/or spirit.  I am a professional "busy bee" and it is well past time to take a breath and just "be."  I have many, more specific health goals but if I manage nothing more than making "taking care of myself" a priority, I will deem 2014 a rousing success.

And of course, I will be blogging.  I thought perhaps, during my year-end hiatus, that I would map out where I'm taking the blog but instead I spent my time relaxing and living in the moment.  Any special planning for Lost Coast Post simply didn't happen so you and I will both be surprised at what this space holds throughout the next twelve months.  I'd be tickled if you continue to show up here and climb aboard for the ride.  Blogging is so much more fabulous when accomplished in the company of friends.   


Michelle, I started reading your blog with a tinge of sadnes but as I read on, your obvious positivity was so uplifting to read. I do believe that you will accomplish all that you wish and more. During the past year I have always admired your illustrative work so am pleased that you itend to keep your blog going and look forward to seeing more of your art in 2014.
SCarol said…
Your attitude is so amazing and postive and that's going to help you so much. I love your page - life often feels like its a balancing act.
Cate Rose said…
It all sounds great to me -- kudos for making self care your highest priority. Of course, making art goes along with that, so I have no doubt you'll do amazing things this year. Be well! xo
Unknown said…
I absolutely love this post!!!
Clare Lloyd said…
what a wonderful page. all the best for 2014. x