Let the Year of the Fairy Tale Begin!

One of my primary goals for 2014 is to focus my time in the studio.  I love to dabble and dance around the studio, doing a bit of this and a touch of that.  It is a lot of fun to be sure but often, I either don't complete a project or I just skim the surface of a technique, theme, or art supply.  So much possibility is left untapped!  As much as I can, I want to interlock my reading, education, and studio time so I can dive deeper into fewer things.

At the top of my list is continued illustration practice with the ultimate goal of writing and illustrating a children's book (even if it is just for private consumption.)  So late last year, when I learned that Carla Sonheim was cooking up a yearlong exploration of fairy tale illustration, I jumped in immediately!  I can intensify my focus on illustration by taking an in-depth class that does just that.  "The Year of the Fairy Tale" is my one big class for 2014 and I am so excited for it to begin!  We get our first assignment on January 20th so I'm in the hunting, gathering, and preparing stage.  As for you, my dear readers, prepare to see lots of fairy tale-related art!

Note:  Carla is an amazing teacher: her classes feature a very warm & welcoming creative energy that gently encourages exploration of open-ended activities.  It is very easy to adapt her lessons to reflect your own personal style and interests (something I think is extremely important when choosing where to spend my limited funds.) I encourage you to check out the "Fairy Tale" class or any of her other fantastic offerings. 


Carla's classes are always so good. Look forward to seeing your year of fairy tales.