Ecstatic Motion

One advantage of the recent cold snap (besides making 30 degrees seem positively balmy) is that all motivation to leave the house freezes up and one can simply hunker down in the warm studio and make art without an ounce of guilt.  I'm not a fan of this season anyway (in terms of all the commercial chaos & money worries) so it has been very easy for me hide at home and lose myself in the work.  The journaling in my "Scraps" book continues, progressing at a deliciously slow pace.  It is a perfect counterpoint all the environmental and retail craziness swirling around outside my door.


Unknown said…
What an amazing spread!! I agree....that kind of weather is total arting weather. Enjoy being inside.
Linda W said…
I'm sure with you on hunkering down and ignoring the craziness. A perfect time for the studio. Love your work.