Monday, December 16, 2013

Until a New Year Dawns...

On the left hand side of this spread, I was experimenting with Dura-lar Wet Media Film which is a clear acetate that has been specially treated to accept wet work (like markers and paints) without beading.  I will most definitely being doing more with this product/technique in the coming year!
What with all the holiday chaos, art has been progressing even slower than usual but I'm looking forward to a time (after Christmas itself is finally over) that I can spend day after day painting & pasting, cuttting & collaging, doodling & dawdling around in my studio with not a care in the world.  The last week or so of the year tends to be some of my most productive and exciting as I plot and plan for the new beginning that presents itself on January 1st.  To that end, Lost Coast Post will close up shop until January 3, 2014.  Since I began this endeavor in May 2006, I wonder every year if I want to continue blogging.  I must say I have received many wonderful comments and emails as of late that have firmly decided the issue for me in advance of my year-end hiatus:  Lost Coast Post will definitely be moving forward into 2014, my eighth year of blogging.  Taking a wee break, however, will help me recharge my batteries and give me time to ponder where I go next.  At the very least, I'll have time to create lots of new work to show.

I wish all my readers, near and far, a wonderful holiday season, filled with friends, family, and course, art!  Thank you for gracing this space with your presence, your kind words, and unfailing encouragement!  I hope to see you once again when a new year dawns! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ecstatic Motion

One advantage of the recent cold snap (besides making 30 degrees seem positively balmy) is that all motivation to leave the house freezes up and one can simply hunker down in the warm studio and make art without an ounce of guilt.  I'm not a fan of this season anyway (in terms of all the commercial chaos & money worries) so it has been very easy for me hide at home and lose myself in the work.  The journaling in my "Scraps" book continues, progressing at a deliciously slow pace.  It is a perfect counterpoint all the environmental and retail craziness swirling around outside my door.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Only As...

It has been awhile since I posted from my Fiddlestick Hollow illustration journal.  I'm still shy about posting these pages and especially so since views and comments plummet when I do.  However, I refuse to let my blog and my past work define my artistic future.  The minute I feel like I am constraining my work to fit in with what is "expected" is the exact moment I quit blogging, regardless of the exposure it brings me.  I am driven to keep experimenting, evolving, improving; I loathe stagnation.  Even if I only ever write and illustrate books for my niece and nephew, I intend to "break into" illustration and that means practice, practice, practice!  Statistics are telling me to keep this new direction to myself but I'll continue to post my illustration work here & there for those who understand the need to explore and conquer new artistic frontiers.  That said, this seems an appropriate page to accompany this post...

Monday, December 2, 2013


This journal page doesn't document a day's events or a mind's ponderings.  It doesn't hold a scrapped snapshot or an ephemeral remnant of a life lived.  It doesn't feature the technique/product/subject-of-the-moment.  It doesn't have a title, a date or even a tiresome command to "Believe!" or "Dream!" or "Fly!"  This journal page just exists as evidence of play and that is enough. 
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