Monday, November 4, 2013

My Soul Surfaces

November 2013 is here and I am quietly following along with Art Every Day Month.  I do art every day anyway - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot - so this is actually a piece-of-cake challenge.  However, I'll only be posting as time and energy allow.  And besides, I doubt that posting glimpses of my daily art routine would be very exciting for anyone; sometimes, all I do is stick down a piece of washi tape or sketch out a flower in sumi ink.  I do have those days where I spend hours in the studio but when I'm in that rare, treasured groove, I am loathe to break momentum for picture-taking.  So I'll just continue posting recent work which in today's case means another spread from my "Scraps" journal.  I'm close to finishing this one so very soon, I'll need to decide on my next project.


  1. What vibrant colors on your journal page! It's an inspiring mix - and I love the flowers superimposed on top! Visiting from AEDM

  2. I agree with Terrie, this is so colourful that it brightens the day. What I like about AEDM is that it can be whatever you want it to be, and that daily posting is not a requirement. Have a creative and fun month!

  3. very nice!! love all the bright colors :)


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