Happy HOOloween!

Just a little wide-eyed owlet to celebrate this Halloween...it seems I can't ever paint or draw enough owls! 


How adorable is this!! I am so excited to have found you via Art Every Day Month 2013. I look forward to getting started and getting to know you and your art better! Happy day!
Cate Rose said…
Love this owl! Hope you're having a great Halloween, and I also hope your show at AE was a success -- meaning lots of sales. I'm really looking forward to my snail! xo
This is a lovely owl with all the bright colours and big eyes:) I think you paint great animal portraits. I loved the fish as well. Do you think these could become a series like the robots?
Michelle Remy said…
Hi Deniz!
I've painted and drawn a lot of owls over the years so they pop up from time to time no matter what medium I'm working in...I call them my "Hooligans..."