Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No Words Necessary

This is one of those spreads in my "Scraps" journal that seems very minimal and yet feels very "done" to me.  Not every journal page needs to say something profound in words; for me, this page captures a lovely feeling of calm, a moment of pain-free creating and joyful art play.

See that scrap of colorful watercolor paper with its swirling yellow, splashes of purple, and drops of aqua?  That was sent to me by the lovely Tammy of Daisy Yellow.  In fact, Tammy has sent me a couple of envelopes full of vibrant handpainted paper bits and I have gleefully incorporated those pieces of painted paper perfection into the pages of this journal.  I love how a little scrap of paper can become a focal point for a words necessary.


  1. LOVE this.... and for me I always feel I have to add words. Recently I've left some pages wordless and I'm fine with it. For me, change is inevitable if I let it in.

  2. the colors and overall look say it all.


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