Flowers Everywhere

The experimentation with sumi ink flower sketches on top of my colorful, multi-layered backgrounds continues.  In fact, I've started "finishing off" most of the pages in this journal with flower paintings.  There's no real rhyme or reason for this except that the flower portraits are making me happy and in the end, that's really the only thing that matters.

Some days I work on creating the backgrounds, a little scrape of paint here and there along with some collage, washi tape, stamping, and mark-making.  It can take me all day to finish a couple of pages as my "sit down" time in the studio is limited nowadays to stolen moments throughout the day.  Once the backgrounds reach a point that I consider "done," I make a quick sketch with the sumi ink, let it dry, and then color with pencils, gouache, paint pens, and/or watercolor.  It is a very peaceful process and much needed with all the other chaos in my life right now.


denthe said…
Love the contrast between the black and the colourful background
libbyquilter said…
really gorgeous and i can see why they make you happy.
beautiful pages that inspire me~!