These pages feel pretty complete to me but I reserve the right to change my mind.  It is nice to not worry so much about whether or not I have a distinct focal point and thus, a "complete" page.  Usually, I plan content in advance and then work slowly, page by page, making sure each one feels "done."  In this journal, I am attempting to break that habit by working fast and without any premeditation.  Just slap on some paint, make some marks, perhaps add a scrap of paper here and there...I'm also not working chronologically (hence no dates.)  I just bounce back and forth between pages as my whim dictates.  I expect that a lot of these pages will transform into something new and different as I continue to play willy-nilly.


I love your pages especially the page on right, moments. Gorgeous.
Emie58 said…
LOVE what you're doing with your art!!!! I work the same way you do... a bit here and there... wherever the muse wants to go I tag along.
Feel like I am looking at modern art- what with the colors and added picture of the woman. Enjoyed looking too. Thanks for sharing.
Linda Kunsman said…
Love what you are doing and your approach to your art-fab pages!!
aimee said…
You have such a knack for collage -- each piece fits together like a puzzle. Love these!