Sweet Dreams

In between developing art lessons for a Shakespeare-themed journal and trying to get in the mood for another round of intense painting, I am playing in my new "Scraps" journal.  While it is fun to get lost in journaling, I have very real tasks that need completing and sometimes, I think that I should quit journaling altogether just so I can get the real world stuff done.  It seems there is no middle road; I either journal non-stop (to the exclusion of everything else) or I don't journal at all.  If I didn't journal, I'm not sure what I would show here at the blog; my works-in-progress shots would be rather boring.  For the most part, lesson planning for me is all about lists, charts, and outlines.  Often, I deliberately wait to make the lesson samples until I'm in front of the kids since super-finished examples can sometimes be intimidating and I like my students to see the thought process/problem-solving that occurs as a piece is created.  Anyway, while I spend the next few weeks preparing for this and that, get ready to see journal page after journal page.  It takes a while for me to get my feet beneath me once the school days chaos hits home.  Hopefully, I'll be able to think up some new content for the blog once life settles into a rhythm.


Dawn said…
Beautiful pages Michelle, your hand-painted papers are stunning as always and make perfect journal fodder. Good luck with the lesson planning my lovely.
Hugs x
Trece said…
Loving your "Scraps". I really should do this in one of my books; maybe my block would break!
aimee said…
love your color choices & layering!